Original Artworks

Handmade, limited, unique.

Each artpiece is designed by me and made by Hand. All pictures and paintings in this category are numbered, signed and only available in a very limited quantity.

Sticker 01 140x100

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Photographs of the world

The world is beautiful. Take home a piece of her.

High quality print in a new and fresh formate. Also available on acrylic. Each poster is signed and comes with a label of authenticity.

Satay Poster

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About the artist

Xement is a project out of pure passion started by me, Felix Preiss, in 2019. Art and aesthetics define my life since I was young, but now it's time for me to delight and inspire other people with what I love.

With the wall pieces and painting I want to express my Style as best as possible and I want to create an eye catcher for every room. Furthermore it serves as a platform for the owner, to get creative himself. Take a sharpie, a spraycan, some tape or just some more stickers and make it your own artwork!

The photographs show my personal most wonderful and enchanted moments which I expirienced on my journey around the globe. An insight into the marvels of the world, existing to to enjoy the eternal wanderlust.
Important here: Art does not need to be expensive, therefore all pictures are available as posters and on acrylic.

Felix Preiss